Founded in 1996, Zall Group (02098.HK) is specialized in property and trading services for the supply chain in the wholesale market, and it is dedicated to providing customers with property, logistics, storage, financing, online trade and big data services for wholesale trade.


  • Jingzhou Zall Mall

    Jingzhou Zall Mall is an urban complex integrating shopping, entertainment, food, tourism, leisure, trade, exhibition, office work and dwelling. It is located in the Golden Triangle core zone in Lingang New Industry City in western Jingzhou, and enjoys superior location and convenient traffic. Jingzhou Zall Mall connects to Jiuyang Avenue and adjoins Jiuyang Machinery and Electronics Industry Park to the east, reaches out to the canal that diverts Yangtze water to Han River to the west and connects to Central China Agricultural High-tech Industrial Park across the canal, is adjacent to Hanyi High-Speed Railway and Huyu Expressway to the north, and borders with Jingzhou Libu Harbor District and the Agricultural College of Yangtze University to the south.

  • Changsha E-Commerce Mall

    Changsha E-Commerce Mall is a new Internet industry city with modern information technology as the core, and is an economic sharing zone dedicated to in-depth online and offline integration. The total planning area is 350 thousand square meters, and the total floor area is 277 mu. The project is developed in two phases. It is a low-density and purely-ecological garden-style innovative and intelligent office park with convenient traffic and beautiful landscape.

  • No. 1 Business Community

    No. 1 Business Community is located in Huangpi Panlong City Economic Development Zone, and close to Third Ring Line and Daihuang Expressway. It is the first ecological detached enterprise office park in Central China. The total planned building area is 3000 thousand square meters, and the planning objective is to build an innovative crowd innovation service platform guided by e-commerce and intelligent logistics and focusing on information technology and intelligent manufacturing. The community will be the gathering area of invocation enterprises with large scale, complete functions and ecological harmony.

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